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Mr. Tony Policelli’s Comprehensive Manual for Maintaining Clean and Fresh Carpets

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Hello, I’m Paul, and I have a deep passion for bringing carpets back to their pristine state! Allow me to share our journey of assisting Mr. Policelli, whose old house had a carpet that’s dirty and wrinkled. The task was significant, but our unwavering dedication to tackle the problem and rejuvenate the carpet to its initial, clean state was resolute.

The Policelli’s Story:

Mr. Policelli was considering selling his home. The carpets had never been cleaned and some wrinkles had developed in the master bedroom and the hallway which had become a tripping hazard. We were hired to do the carpet repair (restretching the carpet) and to clean the carpets.

1st, We had to move some of the furniture in the master bedroom to power stretch and tighten up the carpet.
2nd, Once all the carpets were repaired, they were thoroughly vacuumed.
3rd, Then we applied our hot cleaning agent pre-sprayed.
4th, Then we Agitated the carpet with our CRB (Counter Rotating Brush Machine to loosen the soil.
5th, Finally rinsed and extracted using our Truckmount Steam Cleaning Machine

Everything turned out great.

Mr. Policelli and his son were very Happy!

Here’s What We Started With

Carpet Cleaning Mississauga before
Our team arrived at Mr. Policelli’s home and after a detailed inspection and assessment of the carpet, we formulated a strategy to achieve the best results. The first step was to sanitize and deodorize the carpet using powerful cleaners that penetrated the deepest parts of the fibers. Following this, we applied a special carpet protectant to help prevent future stains and wear.
Carpet Cleaning Services in Herriman
Carpet Cleaning Services in Herriman

Feast Your Eyes on These Remarkable Results!

What truly made an impression on Mr. Policelli was the outstanding customer service he received. The team was friendly and approachable, going the extra mile to answer all his questions. We even offered some tips on how to maintain the carpet’s restored look. When the job was done, Mr. Policelli felt as though he had a brand new carpet. He delighted in the feel of the soft fibers under his feet and enjoyed the fresh, clean scent.

He was confident in his decision to engage Carpet Care Solution, and he pledged to recommend us to anyone in need of carpet cleaning services. Ultimately, Mr. Policelli’s experience with Carpet Care Solution was more than just a carpet cleaning service. It was about the peace of mind that comes from knowing he had hired true professionals, and that is truly priceless.

Carpet Cleaning Services in Herriman

And what does Mr. Policelli think?

“Good results to carpet stretching & cleaning by CCS. Thanks Paul.”

Mr. Policelli

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